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Our teachers are all professionals with degrees in their field and experience tutoring in online settings. We spend time to train each of our teachers so that they can incorporate their own teaching style while still following our curriculum and educational philosophy. Click on a profile below to learn more about our teachers.


Alex Laugalis


  • Owner/creator of curriculum and courses
  • Master of Arts in English/Linguistics Arizona State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in English, Minor in Creative Writing -University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • ABCTE Wisconsin State Certified English Teacher
  • 160 hour TEFL Certification (TEFL Fullcircle)
  • Native in English/Polish, fluent in Spanish

Konrad Nel

South Africa

  • Bachelors of Commerce – Investment Management
  • 4 years of online English teaching Experience and 1 year of teaching experience in a classroom setting.
  • 120 hour TEFL course certification from The International English School.

Dallas Kammel

United States

  • Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Arkansas Tech University
  • TEFL Certified since 2016
  • 5 years experience teaching in classrooms, 4 years online
    Ages 4+

Chris TUcker

United States

  • Master’s in Teaching English in 2020 from Arkansas Tech University
  • ABCTE Arkansas State Certified English Teacher
  • TEFL certification since 2016
  • Director of TEFL training at Maximo Nivel in Guatemala
  • Taught English across Latin America, including in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. He has worked with children from ages 4-18






In order to grasp why our method works so naturally we must look at the difference between explicit and implicit knowledge. Explicit knowledge refers to knowledge that learners are aware of and can consciously recall from memory (grammar rules). Implicit knowledge is the subconscious knowledge that learners don’t know they know (the way we learn our native tongue). It is a common misconception and an outdated belief that in order to be good speakers of a second language we must be masters of the rules. Were you a master of grammar as 4 year old? Were you ever really a master of grammar in your native tongue or was it just something that you intuitively knew?


为了理解为什么我们的方法如此自然地工作,我们必须看看显性知识和隐性知识之间的区别。显性知识是指学习者能够意识到并能有意识地从记忆中回忆的知识(语法规则)。隐性知识是学习者不知道他们知道的潜意识知识(我们学习母语的方式)。这是一种常见的误解和过时的信念,即为了成为第二语言的优秀使用者,我们必须掌握规则。你是 4 岁的语法大师吗?你真的是母语语法的大师,还是只是你凭直觉知道的?


Through our courses, students will develop an implicit knowledge of English as well as a working knowledge of the various subjects. While discussing literature, geography, ethics, writing, history, etc. they will be guided, corrected (phonetically and grammatically) and challenged linguistically without even realizing their language level is rising. Plus, along the way, they will be internalizing course materials that will be useful from primary school through university. By developing the comprehensibility of a native through various subjects your student will have a noticeable improvement in their reading, writing, speaking, discussing and creative thinking.




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