Becoming a Better Writer

Course description


  • It is a common misconception that students will only become better at essay writing by writing essays. Writing is a craft and it needs to be developed in a part of the mind that is much more important than syntax and morphology. Basically, researchers conclude that focusing on sentence structures and explicit grammatical techniques is not helping to develop better writers (if you are curious to read more about this topic I am happy to share). In order to write better essays students need to open their minds, branch out, go into uncharted territories, think outside the box, be creative and most importantly have fun. Along the way, they will develop all the necessary skills they need to answer essay questions that go above and beyond just regurgitating the same ol’ essay responses.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding and ability to write in various creative/academic genres
  • A noticeable improvement of writing abilities in content, form and style
  • Learn to work out of order and utilize a lens of analysis other than that which is natural
  • Discover independence and creativity in order to improve writing
  • Have the courage to write freely on any topic
  • Begin to learn rhetorical principles that can be developed to make compelling arguments



Course Objectives

  • Branch out into challenging genres and styles of writing
  • Develop an understanding and ability to write in various creative/academic genres
  • Focus on the revision process
  • Learn to improve our writing from start to finish
  • Get beyond free writing and look at proven methods from professional writers
  • Work on the stages of writing
  • Discover interesting topics
  • Focus on the planning stage which is commonly overlooked by students
  • Do challenging writing tasks to sharpen skills



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