Great Writing

Course description


  • The Great Writing Series is a traditional grammar and language arts course. Here, we will use clear explanations and application through extensive activities to aid students in writing sentences, paragraphs and papers. These writing models will fulfill the requirements in your child’s school. Basically, with this course they will learn the writing process. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Student will have a better grasp of writing sentences, paragraphs and essays.



  • Great Writing 系列是一门传统的语法和语言艺术课程。在这里,我们将通过广泛的活动,清晰的解释和应用来帮助学生写句子、段落和论文。这些写作模型将满足学校的要求。通过本课程,他们将学习写作过程。


  • 学生将更好地掌握句子、段落和文章的写作。


Course Objectives

  • Develop an understanding and ability to write in various creative/academic genres
  • Focus on the revision process
  • Learn to improve our writing from start to finish
  • Get beyond free writing and look at proven methods from professional writers
  • Work on the stages of writing
  • Discover interesting topics
  • Focus on the planning stage which is commonly overlooked by students
  • Do challenging writing tasks to sharpen skills


  • 培养对各种创意/学术类型写作的理解和能力。
  • 专注于文章修改过程,从头到尾改进写作能力。
  • 超越自由写作,学习专业作家的有效方法。
  • 发现有趣的话题。
  • 专注于学生普遍忽视的规划阶段。
  • 做具有挑战性的写作任务以提高技能。


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