Magic Tree House

Course description


  • In this course, we will read the Magic Tree House book series from the beginning (Dinosaurs Before Dark) and work on understanding the narrative through reading comprehension questions, discussion, new vocabulary and learning about and identifying literary devices. We will dive deep into the content of the books and learn about the history in which the story takes place as well through the MTH Fact Tracker. This course can be more of just a reading course if it is a younger group or it can be much more discussion and analysis based for older students. Either way, they will always be talking, learning and developing with this class. This is definitely a great course for developing critical thinking, having more complex discussions and learning to analyze a text beyond basic reading comprehension skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Gain new vocabulary 
  • Use context clues to discover meanings and work through passages
  • Learn to take notes through the daily homework
  • Be able to identify literary devices
  • Craft literary devices of our own
  • Gain an understanding of what the story is about beyond just the surface level





  • 在这个课程中,我们将会带领小朋友阅读神奇树屋系列丛书,通过阅读理解问题、讨论、新词汇以及学习和识别文学手段来了解文章的叙事。我们将深入了解书籍的内容,并通过神奇树屋小百科了解故事发生的历史。这门课程不仅是一门适合低年级学生阅读的课程,而且是一门适合年龄较大的学生的讨论和分析课程。学生们将在这门课上交谈、学习和拓展思维,这绝对是培养孩子批判性思维并进行更复杂的讨论的一门课程,让孩子学会分析超出内容本身的基本阅读理解技巧。


  • 掌握新词汇
  • 学会用上下文线索来发现含义并通读段落
  • 通过日常作业学会做笔记
  • 能够识别、并制作属于自己的文学手段 
  • 深入了解故事的内容,不是仅限于表面内容

Course Objectives

  • Become better at reading/discussing/comprehending and gain a deeper understanding of how to read literature.
  • Learn about literary devices (allusion, onomatopoeia, alliteration, etc)
  • Learn about tone, dialogue and other parts of writing that author uses
  • Be able to comprehend and respond to a veritable plethora of questions
  • Work on putting multiple possibilities together





  • 更好地阅读/讨论/理解,并更深入地了解如何阅读文学作品。
  • 了解文学技巧(典故、拟声词、头韵等)
  • 了解作者使用的语气、对话和其他写作部分
  • 能够理解并回答大量的问题
  • 实现将多种可能性结合在一起


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