Here are our class policies, pricing examples and if anyone is interested in earning free classes, here are commission breakdowns for inviting new students to the school. This is a great way save some extra money on classes for your own child! 


  • Classes must be paid for in advance. If you need to make a change (illness, vacation, etc) please do it with at least 24 hours notice. That way, we can reschedule the class for you no problem and without losing the class credit. We want to be flexible and teach students first and foremost. Maintaining our classes and rescheduling if need be is our first and foremost priority.                                                                    所有的课程必须提前付款。如果你因为个人原因(如生病、旅行等)想更改课程时间,请提前24小时通知我们的客服,避免有额外的损失。提供给学生们优质的课堂是我们的责任,我们会优先给学生提供灵活的时间,提供良好的课堂秩序。

  • If any payment feature (for splitting classes between learning teams) is not available on our payment page just please contact our WeChat support team and they will issue the payment breakdown you need.                                                            付款如果遇到任何问题(如:想分开付款),请联系我们的微信客服,他们会提供给你付款链接。

  • If more than one student is in the class, the cost stays the same and they can split the cost however they would like ($25 each for 2 students, $10 each for 5 students, etc). This will be added to the site shortly.




  • There can be up to 5 students in one class.


  • FREE 30 MINUTE trial class for any class, with any teacher (depending on availability).


  • You will get paid $5 for booking a trial (we do not get paid for trials, this comes out of the company budget so PLEASE try your best to book quality trials).


  • If one of your trial students books a package (or single class) you will get $5 per class (maxing out at $100)


  • Once paid, there is no need to wait for all classes to be completed. You get paid right away.



20 class package = 20 x $5=$100

10 class package = 10 x $5=$50

5 class package = 5 x $5=$25

Single class = $5

Free Trial = $5 (only payable as class credit)

EXAMPLE: If one week you book 5 trials ($25), and one student books a 10 class package ($50) and the other books a 20 class package ($100) you have earned $175 for only engaging 5 students for trials. YOU ARE NOT responsible for customer service. You only have to get the student to the point of signing up for a trial.




*Commission breakdown is subject to change in the future.


In the future we will use Alipay but for now there is a credit card gateway by WooCommerce on the site or Paypal arrangements can be made.


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If you are not sure which course, which level or which teacher; please do not hesitate to consult with our customer service department.