Private Class

Course description


  • Private courses can be an extension of any one of the offered courses or a combination. For example, if a student wants help in a specific area of language arts I can create a unique program for them that will teach them the skills they need to learn through a variety of engaging projects, activities, etc. Basically, we will work together to create a guided and personalized course in a 1 on 1 setting that can include their own outside work as the vessel to deliver new knowledge.
  • Some examples of current one on one courses include:Working on writing summaries for the Federalist PapersA guided history class for the upcoming year with a writing componentLearning the fundamentals of creative writing through a student created novel as we work towards mapping, planning and completingDeveloping a student created blog and learning about content writing

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Expansion of their present knowledge, skill, understanding and ability in any/all literary/language subjects offered



Course Objectives

  • Cater to the needs of each individual students present situation
  • Learn a variety of new concepts
  • Can be in any offered subject or even in a unique blend (for example, some students want Spanish intermixed with their classes that way they are always acquiring second language input).


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