Reading Explorers

Course description


  • In this course, we will look at the National Geographic Reading Explorers series. 
  • There are 5 levels in all. Each level is a bit more difficult than the last but the structure is virtually the same. Which level students should begin on will be decided in the trial class. 
  • Here, we will look at topics ranging from adventure traveling, aliens, hottest chilis, spaceships, building the great domes of the world, history of pizza etc. This course is very discussion based and varies if the students are younger or older. With younger groups they will focus more on learning new words and comprehending the content while getting into basic discussions. Older groups will work more on ethical, hypothetical and philosophical discussions while still learning new words and concepts along the way. Plus, older groups work on real world applications of the content.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Gain new vocabulary 
  • Use context clues to discover meanings and work through passages
  • Do short writing assignments that are about the weeks work
  • Gain an understanding of what the story is about beyond just the surface level



  • 在这个课程中,我们将了解国家地理阅读探索者系列
  • 该课程一共有5个级别,每个级别都比上一个更难,但结构几乎相同。我们将在试听课中帮助学生决定应该从哪个级别开始。
  • 在这里,我们将探讨的主题包括冒险旅行、外星人、最辣的辣椒、宇宙飞船、建造世界的大圆顶、披萨的历史等。本课程以讨论为基础,并且根据学生年龄的不同而有所不同。对于年轻的群体,你将更多地专注于学习新单词和理解内容,同时进行基本讨论。年龄较大的学生将更多地侧重于伦理、假设和哲学讨论,同时仍学习新单词和概念。除此之外,你将学会将所学的内容运用到现实生活当中。


  • 掌握新词汇
  • 使用上下文线索来发现含义并通读段落
  • 完成关于近几周所学内容的短文写作任务
  • 深入了解故事内容,不仅限于表面层面

Course Objectives

  • Become better readers and gain a deeper understanding of the work.
  • Apply the topic to students’ lives and how it relates to them
  • Gain discussion abilities
  • Become better close readers and gain the ability to make unlikely connections
  • If younger, become better readers and learn creative new vocabulary



  • 成为更好的读者,并对作品有更深入的了解
  • 将主题应用于学生的生活中,以及之间如何联系
  • 获得讨论能力
  • 成为更好并侧重于细节的读者,获得不太可能的联想能力
  • 如果年轻,成为更好的读者并学习创造性的新词汇


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