Course description


  • This course will follow principles of ISLA (instructed second language acquisition). We will use a variety of methods to fulfill ideas about communicative language theory where we will focus on the method and interpretation of meaning in the classroom. We will use corrective feedback, recasting, input hypothesis, PPP, and a plethora of other methods backed by research (which I am happy to elaborate on with anyone interested).
  • The purpose of this course is to actually be able to use/speak/read/write the target language in open scenarios (not just filling in blanks). The purpose of this course is not just to memorize words and explicit grammar ideas outside of a communicative application where research shows they will remain. We want to acquire usable language skills. Explicit knowledge refers to knowledge that learners are aware of and can consciously recall from memory (grammar rules). Implicit knowledge is the subconscious knowledge that learners don’t know they know (the way we learn our native tongue). It is a common misconception and an outdated belief that in order to be good speakers/writers/listeners of a second language we must be masters of the rules. Were you a master of grammar as a 4 year old?
  • Overall students of this course will gain an implicit knowledge of the language and be able to ACTUALLY use it and not just fill boxes on a test.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Work on functional learning where the focus is always on meaning, useability and acquisition



Course Objectives

  • Branch out into challenging genres and styles of writing
  • Develop an understanding and ability to write in various creative/academic genres
  • Focus on the revision process
  • Learn to improve our writing from start to finish
  • Get beyond free writing and look at proven methods from professional writers
  • Work on the stages of writing
  • Discover interesting topics
  • Focus on the planning stage which is commonly overlooked by students
  • Do challenging writing tasks to sharpen skills



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