We Write What?

Course description


  • This course is great for younger learners just beginning to write paragraphs.  In this course, we begin with some standard elements of writing like paragraphs, sentences, formats, expository writing and literary devices. As we continue, and have developed a strong foundation, we begin to get creative. Learning to write creatively even in the beginning is very beneficial! It will help them craft great essay paragraphs by learning writing as a craft. Then, we will start to branch off into different genres and styles of writing and work to create our own works during class and prepare for interesting writing assignments to do at home. This course includes all standard writing practices and delves into creative writing that includes poetry, short story, etc. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Improvement in essay writing
  • Better ability to craft language and writing
  • Improved writing abilities and ability to create content and ideas
  • Writing about things that have been read will improve



Course Objectives

  • Learn about literary devices (allusion, onomatopoeia, alliteration, etc)
  • Learn about tone, dialogue and other parts of writing that author uses
  • Work on writing in a variety of settings
  • Write about complex and new ideas 
  • Learn to put ideas together and tie together pieces of different works
  • Develop writing skills and work on collaboration with classmates



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