Young Adult Novels

Course description


  • Here we do a variety of young adult novels. Think of it like a book club with a writing component. Each book lasts about 5-6 classes and we discuss them from front to back. Some of the books that we do are Holes, Hatchet and Stargirl. This class is open to suggestions from students for future books as well.  We look at the theme, tone, setting, history, characters, plot, POV, dialogue, mood, characters, etc. to delve deep into literary analysis about each book. Also, we discuss the actual storyline and how to look at it through various analytical lenses. All in all, students will read at a higher level and be challenged to find meaning and read between the lines.
  • There also can be a writing component to this course. That will include essays in response to chapters about various themes, ideas, literary devices etc.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Will be able to read, write and discuss longer and more difficult literary works



  • 在这门课程里,你将体会到一个带有写作性质的读书俱乐部。每本小说大约持续 5-6 节课,我们会从头到尾讨论整本小说。我们制作的书单是 Holes、Hatchet 和 Stargirl,你也可以选择你自己喜欢的小说。我们会从主题、语气、背景、历史、人物、情节、视角、对话、情绪、人物等方面深入探讨每本书的文学技巧。此外,我们将讨论实际的故事情节以及如何通过各种分析镜头来看待它。总而言之,学生将在更高的水平上阅读,并在阅读的字里行间面临更大挑战。
  • 本课程也有写作部分。主要根据不同章节,针对不同主题、思想、文学技巧等的写作。


  • 此课程能够帮助学生提高阅读写作能力,有助于学生讨论更长更难的文学作品。

Course Objectives

  • Read at a higher level and a longer work
  • Develop the students’ writing abilities as well as discussion and comprehension
  • Be able to create meaning out of a longer and more challenging work
  • Write about complex and new ideas 
  • Learn to put ideas together and tie together pieces of different works
  • Develop writing skills and work on collaboration with classmates
  • Expansion of their present knowledge, skill, understanding and ability in any/all literary/language subjects offered



  • 阅读更高层次和更长的文章。
  • 培养学生的写作能力以及讨论和理解能力。
  • 能够从更长、更具挑战性的工作中创造出自己意义。
  • 创造出更复杂、新引的想法。
  • 学会将不同的想法放在一起,并将不同的作品联系在一起。
  • 培养写作技巧并与他人合作。
  • 扩展现有的知识及学习能力,能够理解并对应不同主题的文学内容和语言。


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